Photo - Shane Oneal

Photo - Shane Oneal

Welcome and thanks for coming to the PLP site.

Hi my name is Tino and these are my dogs. There are many like them but these dogs are mine. I am here to share what i’ve learned about this "breed" known as The American Pit Bull Terrier,  Am-staff, Bull dog, Red nose, Black, Blue, whatever....
I have 5 sweeties of my own- Bandit, Shorty, Boo Boo, Rockie, Buddy, and Mickey. all living under one roof in harmony.  (see - HERE )

First off I am not certified, licensed, stamped, branded, or FDA approved. But I can offer a little insight to anyone who has the privilege of having a "Bully" in their life. It took a lot of trial and very much error on my part. And after 20 plus years I can confidently say "I know a thing or two, bout a thing or two" when it comes to these dogs, and I can help.

If you've seen my videos then you know my pups are pretty well behaved. When PLP rescues a dog my pups are the reason the training goes so smooth. If you're in Vegas and you are interested in Training click the "Contact" tab. If you're not in Vegas I offer Skype/Face time training as well. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks, 


Peace Love and Pit bulls.


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Bailey with her new family

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